Video Conferencing And Free Conference Call

In a globalizing world, it has become mandatory to use information technologies to gain an advantage in competition:
In a globalizing world, businesses must now be able to compete with giant opponents on world markets beyond national boundaries. Information technologies offer the key to today’s businesses the advantage of competition.
With best video conferencing systems, people too far from each other can communicate face to face as if they are facing, so they can eliminate the need for long business trips for important business meetings.

Face To Face contact

Communication, as well as words, tone of voice, highlighting and using a body language to convey a particular message against us. On the teleconference aside from the fact that the image is absent, the quality of sound quality, intonation, and highlighting, the messages we transmit are largely lost. For this reason, we feel that we cannot express ourselves sufficiently when speaking on the phone. Although we have been using the telephone for over 100 years, the main reason behind the gathering around a table is to overcome the communication problem, saying “This is not the phone” for important decisions.


Saving Travel Expenses

Business video conferencing are inevitable to communicate better, but this is also expensive and time-consuming. Expenditures made for business trips constitute an important item within the budget of each company. Besides, mobile phone calls made by the traveling staff in order to be able to follow their jobs from the outside are greatly increasing.

Some companies offer external access to the computer system with a portable computer and mobile phone in order to evaluate the time spent traveling more efficiently. In this way, it is possible to follow some extent of work even in office hours. But this results in a huge increase in mobile phone expenses that the company has to pay.

Saving On Time

Efficient use of time is now a must in today’s business world. Thanks to Video Conferencing video,

1- More web-based meetings can be held in a shorter time period,
2- The decision-making process accelerates,
3- Work efficiency increases because it eliminates physical fatigue caused by business trips,
4- The productivity of the personnel in the lock position increases,
5- Teamwork is strengthened,

Saving On Time

Video meetings are arranged according to the time schedule and more regularly.
The actual cost of business travel arises from the opportunities missed by the critical staff, who are away from their work, and the decisions that they have been able to take away from within this period. Sometimes it may be too late to make the decisions of the general manager waiting to return to the office.

Audio And Video Quality in Video Conferencing Systems

video conference app

Since Video Conferencing app is a technology that offers an alternative to face-to-face communication, it is a must to have the highest possible image and sound quality. Because the quality of communication depends directly on these parameters. In cases where image and sound quality cannot be achieved at the desired level, the use of the system will be practically impossible, regardless of the size of the investment.
Sound and video quality factors can be listed as follows:

Bandwidth Used

The image quality obtained in the Video Conference depends primarily on the determined bandwidth. “Optimal” image quality varies according to the desired application. For this reason, before the installation of the system, the necessary minimum bandwidth should be set by setting the video conferencing devices in the same building. Video Conferencing devices deliver the same image quality for the same bandwidth and at remote locations. Of course, the infrastructure must have QoS settings. Although the most suitable speed varies from company to firm, the following speeds can be taken as the minimum values required for certain applications.

64 Kb Required Reduction Tape Width
128 Kb Interview for 2 People
256 Kb 2-3 Person Groups
384 Kb 5-8 Personality Groups
768 Kb Multi-Variable Motion Picture
1 mb + Broadcast quality