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Taurus Features

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Password: I must be stable and resourceful.

Principle: Manifesto Positive practice: Productivity Negative practice: Materialism

Features: Reliable, practical, sensual, stable, consistent, generative, patient, durable, stable, persevering, artist-spirited, loyal, possessive, stubborn, rudimentary, hard-minded, against innovation and change, cautious, conservative, self-indulgent, delirious passive, passive, intolerant, cares about nature and matter, fond of nature.

The bull is a patient, patient and determined. It doesn’t like innovation and risk, it’s very conservative. It is the most stubborn and most patient of the zodiac. When he decides something, it is almost impossible to turn him over. Their habits and daily routine can be important. She hates change and surprises. The bull is usually calm and not easily annoyed, but when he gets angry, his temper may be terrible. Taurus icon Taurus woman and man are generally healthy, strong and durable. Taurus can talk to strangers.

taurus features
taurus features

Some horoscopes want to be successful in their work to be better known and respected; Taurus doesn’t care much about things like this he just wants to make money and have. Taurus people need stability and trust. He wants to be safe in marriage, home and career. His indulgence comes from the need for security. He is wise, logical and creative about money. He patiently overcomes the obstacles he faces and always survives the competition. It achieves its wealth with slow and safe steps. He wants to evaluate his money by investing in real estate and land.

Physical pleasures are very important for Taurus people. He’s very happy. It has a great passion for comfort and convenience. Imagines quality meals, drinks, and cozy home. She is very fond of her home and tries to make her as comfortable as she can. The manager is intrigued by beautiful things. Usually, he knows the value of all the beautiful things and he is interested in the works of art. He enjoys entertainment, good books, music, and art.

She needs a happy and solid relationship in her emotional life. Loving and reliable. He’s very passionate when he’s in love. His physical senses are very developed and he is fond of sex. She doesn’t like brief love and she’s loyal to her husband. If the sense of ownership, which is one of the greatest characteristics of the bull-man, comes out of control, it can turn into extremely jealousy. Once you have chosen a suitable lifestyle, it is difficult to change it. In fact it is very easy to please him. If everything goes well, it doesn’t need to make changes even for the better.

The bull is not a wager, it is slow to learn, but he knows all the details of the subjects he knows. It is programmatic, it is obvious what to do when it is even so some may sound boring. Taurus man loves nature; her love for nature keeps him fit. She enjoys taking plants and growing the garden. Success in nature-related work. Farming, floriculture, animal training is to him. It can be successful in fields such as fine arts and music. They can work in finance-related professions, for example, a stockbroker, banker, accountant or economist. In addition, the architecture and construction works are also related to it.

Taurus Health and Sports

Your Planet Planet: Taurus is a planet of beauty, comfort, and luxury ruled by Venus.

Body in your body: Bosphorus

Your metabolism: Slow.

Your most important feature: Will and determination.

What Hates You: It has to act in a hurry. Sports that require quick reflex and agility do not appeal to it. It takes pleasure in slow sports requiring concentration, coordination. Golf, like archery.

Your Error About Your Health: Inactivity

As a Taurus, you perceive the world with all your senses. It is very important for you to touch something, to hear it, to taste it, to smell it. Sex, fine food, caress, some fabrics touch the skin and music you like very much. Taurus is not athletic, you are very fond of your comfort and you will be lazy to sit. If you are fond of food and chocolate, you can easily gain weight because you’re still watching the television and the Internet, and you can’t get rid of this excess weight.

Try to choose suitable activities for yourself and make it fun. Buy new and pleasant clothing to wear at the gym. After an occasional sport, treat yourself to a sauna and massage.

taurus health
taurus health

Consider it to the end when you find an activity that you like. Discover places you haven’t been on by your bike. Taurus loves being in greenery and flowers. By working in the garden you will both move and grow something. If you find something that you enjoy, you will continue it.

Do not change your eating habits suddenly. You cannot get a result by leaving yourself fully hungry. It would be best to gradually acquire healthy eating habits. This way you can accelerate your metabolism.

Venus has given you a very pleasant voice. Some of you even sing very nicely. During the winter, your throat can swell and you may become pharyngitis. You should not miss the orange juice from your breakfast, you should gargle with salt water when your throat swells, you should drink your tea with honey.

Taurus Money and Wealth

As a Taurus, you manage your money in a patient and disciplined way. You are already known as constructor and constructor in the horoscopes. It is imperative that you have money accumulated on one side to be able to trust and be happy. Taurus is extremely reliable and has the ability to earn money on behalf of both himself and others. Therefore, many people work in the bank, insurance and security work. As an element of the earth, there are many talented real estate agents.

Before you make any investment, you will be careful and do long preliminary research and then you decide using logic and common sense. You hate to decide in a hurry because you have made long-term investments. You want to calculate all the possibilities thoroughly before buying bonds or stocks. If you lose faith in the management of the company you have invested in, but you lose your faith, otherwise you will keep what you have.

taurus money
taurus money

Taurus likes to collect good things. When you buy something, you get the best quality. Expenses that other people find exaggerated are necessary for you. Food in an expensive restaurant, a bottle of French wine, a stylish car, like getting diamonds to yourself or your loved one. Your affection for luxury is your weakness, but you deserve to be pampered for working hard. It promotes Capricorn, prestige, leading the Aries, expressing Pisces creativity, looking for Cancer. Taurus is motivated to buy money, security and nice things. Fine arts, cosmetics, perfumery, insurance, real estate, gourmet foods, wine, precious metals, and stones are managed by Taurus. You can succeed in these areas.

Many of the top executives have gathered the important planets in the stars map of Taurus. This indicates that you will be wealthy in the future, you should evaluate your potential well.

Taurus Gift Selection

Bull Woman

The woman of Taurus ruled by Venus never fills perfume; You can give her a perfume gift conveniently. You can get a fragrant body lotion and powder on the set. You can send lilacs in a basket full of violet or crystal vases. You can prepare herbs for your kitchen, which you can grow in small baskets and use in meals. You can get a gift voucher or monthly membership from the nursery or florist. A one-day gift voucher from the beauty parlor will delight him.

If you want to buy clothes, you should prefer natural fabrics. You can choose a white nightgown with top quality cotton. His skin is very sensitive; You can buy a black velvet nightgown or a bright handbag in stylish invitations.

At the same time, such as cashmere, angora, soft tissue weft, glove set will not enjoy the skin. Taurus represents the neck in the human body, you can gift her pearl necklace. If you want to buy jewelry, his favorite is emerald.

Male of Taurus

Send a one-day gift voucher to a Sensual Bull man in a basket of strawberries dipped in chocolate or from a luxury hotel’s massage parlor. He loves to go to the Taurus-led Taurus concerts; Classical, jazz, opera or rock concert tickets will be a good gift.

Taurus man enjoys spending time at home; you can get him in a comfortable television chair lying in the back. You can get a DVD, a VCD player, a new speaker for a stereo, a video cassette, a DVD, a CVD or your favorite music CDs. If you are going to buy clothes, you should get the highest quality brand of your budget; Taurus attaches great importance to quality. You should choose the softest, non-itching and softest fabric of the fabric.

You can enjoy a beautiful umbrella that two people can share. You can present a bottle of red wine from the top quality and imported cheeses in a basket. Because you like plants, you can buy tools for the garden if you have plants, trees and a house with a garden.

Taurus Elimination of stress

You won’t be easily annoyed as a bull sign, but when you get angry, you have the power to rage anyone who comes in front of you. When you encounter a problem, you only need to think about mold. Deciding is a very demanding task for you. Because you are an earth element, you want to review all the possibilities in detail. You want the change to be slow and conscious because you are a constant.

Whatever you do as a determined person, you concentrate well and as a result, you are effective and efficient. Generally, even under pressure, you will not lose your composure and kindness. You can lose your perspective and evaluate the situation incorrectly by concentrating yourself on the details of your work and concentrating on one part. Sometimes you also realize that after the time has passed, you are actually wrong since the beginning of your plan. Once in a while, you should stop and question your assumptions.

You want to be more comfortable in order to be able to look at things from a wider perspective and relax, and you need comfortable things. Your horoscope is one of the rare signs of watching TV. Reach your most comfortable chair across the TV and watch your favorite show. You can relax with a glass of drink, cookies, and a snack. If you have a fireplace in winter, go under your warm or warm blanket. In the summer, open your window and breathe fresh air. Your sign will enjoy music a lot, but it will get the most pleasure with a quality music set. Open your music, sit down and calm down.

taurus stress
taurus stress

Taurus takes a lot of pleasure from shopping if you get something new you can wear immediately upon your joy. If your money situation is congested, you can go to an art gallery or museum
You can spend time watching the beauties of priceless value. Go alone and walk around in the slowness you want.

As you are ruled by Venus, you will always find peace in the countryside. You can get closer to nature by dealing with the garden. When you’re dealing with flowers outdoors, you’ll think and feel good. If you don’t have a garden, you can grow flowers on your balcony or in front of your window. Large plants in your room, you should have fresh flowers on your desk should be lost in the closest one in the greenery in the park.

If all of this doesn’t work, get the best massage of your money. The bull’s skin is very sensitive to touch. Ask your sweetheart to massage candles with fragrant oils. Taurus is directed at the neck of the neck is stressed at the most stressed times. Especially your neck needs to be massaged. Taurus loves love shows, especially at such times you need it more than ever.

Taurus Ideal Holiday


Taurus is fond of luxury and beauty. A stylish holiday village with views of the mountains or lake in the countryside, the hotel is right for him. Abant Lake, Yedigöller, Kartalkaya, Uludağ, Sweden, Switzerland, and Aspen will be very happy in the summer. Taurus loves music, Austria, Salzburg, summer music festival will take great pleasure.

taurus holiday
taurus holiday

It would be a great idea to stay in one of the old castles in the south of France. It will be able to satisfy the taste of fine wine and food as well as the magnificent view. She can take part in wine tasting tours in the Sonoma Valley in California. If the winter season, the snow-covered landscape will appeal to the romantic side of the Taurus.

You should not make intensive daily schedules on your journey. Taurus wants to relax on holiday. The bookstores, museums, art galleries and shops are all around you. Women Bulls want to pamper themselves with their beauty products and care. For Taurus, the holiday means to taste different tastes outside everyday life.

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