Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Features

Keyword: Creating conversions

Password: I must create a transformation through deep relations.

Principle: Death and rebirth Positive practice: Regeneration Negative practice: Abuse of power

Properties: Renewal and transformation power, metamorphosis, healing, deep down, investigating, sharp, erotic, attractive, strong, complex, emotional, mysterious, secretive, deep, intuitive, destructive, cruel, violent, sarcastic, obsessive, constant minded, overwhelming, sensual, passionate, jealous, possessive, resentful, vengeful, vindictive, ruthless, deceitful, unreliable, paranoid, skeptic, suppressing feelings.

Scorpion is the element of water and constant property. He is very emotional because he is the element of water, but tries to control and hide his deep feelings. He is stubborn because he is of a fixed nature and never gives up what he does; it is impossible to change his mind. Again, because of this same feature is very dependent on loved ones.

The desire to control may be jealous and possessive. Jealousy is a feeling that Scorpio does not have in his hand. She has strong, intense feelings and can be very fascinating because of her passion. You can recognize the Scorpio from the penetrating gaze; his gaze directly into people. It has strong physical strength as well as life. You may feel that there is a great energy source inside the scorpion people.

scorpio features
scorpio features

Even though it has no problem, the storms are broken. He has a mysterious structure and doesn’t give a clue about himself. The most secretive sign of the zodiac. It is very subtle and, in fact, very skeptical, but it does not reveal these feelings. Just when you think you know him, he can do something that makes you realize that you don’t know anything yet. Even if you’ve been married to her for forty years, you can only see the ways in which she allows you to see her. There will always be some things that you can never see and touch, which you can never touch.

The only thing you can be sure about the scorpion person is that he loves the things he loves, and he doesn’t like what they don’t like. His love and his hatred can go too far. For him, everything is either black or white. There is no middle. The principle is either always or nothing. Scorpio can be very good and bad when it is good. You can love her or you can hate her, but you can never be indifferent to her. He always wanders around the edges, leaves nothing half way. It’s like a volcano ready to explode. From time to time, everything can break down and start from scratch. A typical Scorpio is said to have three episodes in its life. The most important feature is that it has the power to transform and re-start in itself and in others.

Scorpio is the sign of sexuality, death, and renewal. Sexuality is a part of life. He is very passionate and passionate about everything, not just love. Their emotions are strong and deep, but if their sex life is not satisfying, it is difficult to close this gap and is in the search. It can be lifelong connected if it really loves it. The person he loves must be very honest. After making sure he can trust someone else, he loves it with all his heart, but even the slightest mistake can infuriate him. She might be sorry, and she might hurt her loved one, even if she regrets it.

Scorpion is infallible. Those born are usually true. Their intuition is very strong; he tries to find not only the eye but also the realities beneath the surface. He works hard, examines the events to the smallest detail and makes the most accurate decisions by including his intuition. It’s hard to trick him.

Scorpio Health and Sports

Your Planet: Scorpio is the planet of transformation and rebirth, ruled by Pluto, the planet of energy and war with Mars.

The section that your body manages: Scorpio manages the reproductive organs.

Your metabolism: Fast.

Your most important feature: the incredible determination and commitment to accomplish everything.

What Hates You: Those who waste their time socially in the gym. You don’t have time for that.

Your mistake with your health: You should not be flexible. You may need to do different things according to changing situations.

Intense, determined and secretive Scorpio needs to express its strong feelings more than anyone else. Everything you do is either obsessed by saying it’s all or nothing. When you decide to do diet, you can overdo it and this can harm your health. Scorpio is sure to put it on his head.

scorpio health
scorpio health

You can get rid of stress and be healthy by emptying out the anger and intense emotions that are accumulated within you. Boxing, long-distance running or squash will expel you from the energy and stress within you. Although you have a competitive structure, you want to be alone when trying to relax. That’s why you don’t like team and group sports. You can use the walking treadmill, work out weights or try to do gymnastics. You can also relax with yoga and meditation. The positive contribution of exercise life will motivate the fiery Scorpio.

Scorpio directs the reproductive organs. A Scorpio without a physical relationship can feel very lonely and unhappy. If the physical draw in your relationship is not good enough, you should discuss this with the other person.

You have deep and intense feelings. When you have a problem, it is useful to share it with your relatives without saving it. When a person has a problem, Scorpio can express it a few months later. Your expectations are much more than many people expect from you.

Try to fit as much as possible each day. It’s a good idea to pick your head up and look around. You have a tendency to be obsessive and obsessed and you should try to be a little more balanced.

Scorpio Money and Wealth

Dear Scorpio, You are one of the most talented signs of money. Very few signs of skill at work. You want to control everything in your life, especially everything about money should be under your control. You know that nothing in life can be achieved without struggle.

Your determination, your determination, and your will may be too much for others. If you put a lot of money into your mind in a certain period of time without any complaints in the most difficult conditions you can work for a very long time. Of course you would like to have a comfortable house, a good car, and good quality clothes, but in fact, you don’t like spending your money. You want most of your money to stay in the bank or in other mutual funds and increase even when you sleep.

scorpio money
scorpio money

The Scorpio doesn’t need to blow or impress anyone. You give your thoughts more value than anyone else, and you won’t wear the rest. You spend money on your basic and logical needs. You are happy but you want to get the best quality when buying something. Anything is just as fashionable, but if it’s a good investment and it’s well done, you will find it worthwhile. Scorpio doesn’t want anything for a long time, and if it does, it gets it right away. With your strong instincts, you can feel the inner face of everything. When you have this ability combined with your other features, you are more likely to have a fortune over time.

As Scorpio, you don’t reflect your emotions and you’re not afraid of anything. You can get what you want by bluffing in every environment.

Scorpio Gift Selection

Scorpion Woman

The Scorpion woman enjoys well-sewn, classic-cut clothing. You can buy him a black dress that he can wear easily to many places, or a lucky color-burgundy shirt. You can get a classic trench coat, a stylish umbrella or a quality leather bag that you can use forever. If it’s working, a leather briefcase is gonna help.

For the safety of a person who is often at night, a special alarm to carry in his bag, a small flashlight or smallest cell phone to present the keys can be presented.

You can give the secret letters of the name to the woman who is very fond of her privacy. She loves, lacy lingerie in a variety of colors from black, skin, and purple to bright red. Scorpio woman is a female in the real sense; he has pointed heels, push-up bra, suspenders, and lacy black sock. As a water sign, it never fills perfume; you must get the best.

Male Scorpion

Scorpio man is the secret agent of the zodiac. Security issues are of interest to you. You will enjoy a variety of safety-related accessories in your car or home. Get your radar detector or CD player for your trolley.

This horoscope also loves things made of leather. You can give a leather jacket, wallet, briefcase, handbag or belt for travel. Scorpio uses high quality and classic things that can be used for a long time instead of the latest fashion trends. If you intend to buy books, you should choose an international espionage or murder novel. Scorpion man who enjoys spending time at his house can give a good breed drink to his man, for example, whiskey gift. If you are a scorpion boyfriend, you might consider buying her sexy lingerie.

Scorpio Elimination of stress

Dear Scorpio in the horoscope of the most intense emotions. Since you are the only water sign that has a fixed quality, you are forced to face changes. You’re determined and you won’t mind your goal. Your determination is strong, and your lack of flexibility is your weakness. Don’t try to control everything in your life, and accept that some events may develop outside of you. Because you are a water element, the events affect you deeply. Do not overdo the faults.

Thanks to your sharp instincts and alertness, you know what to do in difficult times. Sometimes it’s hard to trust your intuition in the face of concrete facts, but your intuition will often lead you right.

You hear the need to be alone more than anyone else. You are fond of your private life and you love privacy. You will find peace in a house with a closed garden where nobody can see and enter. If you have a view of the sea, you will not enjoy it. Water bushes find themselves on the water’s edge. Go to the sea, lake or riverside and don’t take your mobile phone with you.

Scorpio is a very deep sign and is interested in both its own religion and other religions. Praying or meditating is good for Scorpio people. Because Scorpio is the ruler of the 8th house, which is considered to be the birth-death house, the Scorpions feel close to the beginning and end of life.

The slow-paced activities, especially at the water’s edge and on your own, will refresh you. You can run, walk, bike or yoga. You compete with yourself more than others and try to optimize yourself.

Thinking and talent are ideal for poker, chess-like strategy games, not talkative, secretive Scorpio. You’ll love espionage and crime novels. You can lose yourself in these books.

You should not isolate yourself from your loved ones in your troubled times. Do not completely close to your relatives who have difficulty understanding your feelings at such times. While under stress, even everyday conversations can be too much for you, while those around you are trying to help you with their own perspectives. Sometimes you get lost for a long time and you are losing interest in the outside world and losing perspective because you don’t talk to others. If you don’t bring your loved ones near you, you can’t see the physical proximity you need. Be open a little, accept to give love to accept.

Scorpio Ideal Holiday


The private life of Scorpio is very important. It is full of desert, quiet, calm, no island, holiday resort or private boat. Scorpio, an emotional water sign such as Crab and Fish, feels better than it is anywhere near the water. It has intense emotions and passion and needs to be left alone from time to time. Even though there is no television and telephone, it needs room service, drinking champagne and listening to its music. Prepare for the outside world to mean vacation for him and renew

scorpio holiday
scorpio holiday

Using its energy in a very intensive and concentrated manner in daily life, Scorpio consumes its energy very quickly. If the budget is not enough for a deserted island or a boat, you should make a holiday at the sea or at a lake where you can read a book, catch fish and relax without doing anything.

Scorpio people need to go for long walks on the beach and small trips by car. He would like to have a nice and comfortable hotel. I like a big and comfortable bed with soft linens and pillows. Scorpio is fond of her partner, will not leave her alone and participate in individual activities. He’il be out for a morning walk and won’t be seen. He doesn’t like to meet his acquaintances on holiday. If you love each other with the Scorpio people, it will be an unforgettable experience to make a holiday together


Asiatic sign of the zodiac world

Another rebellious sign of the zodiac world is Scorpio! Scorpio signs are people who are passionate, enthusiastic, passionate, and passionate, who have adopted the principle of living in extremes. In fact, there is a man who has a lot of intellectual skills. But agreeing for these signs and discussing them will not make any difference. While you think you’re arguing, he might think you’re dealing with it! With Scorpio signs, you can usually talk about politics. They’re very interested in the agenda. Political information, especially the world agenda, has a lot of information, and they enjoy talking about these issues. You can get books about ‘World Political History’ from a bookstore and start studying in your class. If you’re not interested in politics, you can talk about your passions, and you can be sure that a Scorpion will be as interested in politics as you are in.

Detail and analyst intelligence

Their memory is very strong, and they can’t be said to be too forgiving. Because their emotional energy is very intense, their love and their hatred are very powerful. No matter what job the detail and analyst intelligence does, it’s his biggest assistant. Because they don’t look at anything easily, they approach matters in a determined way and solve them patiently. They trust their loved ones, and they can reveal everything. It is one of the amazing features that they can see before and after an event in the same clarity. They are prone to specialize and deepen on a particular subject. They have the ability to instantly understand and respond to every subject. They love to investigate secret matters. They are suspicious and delusional. First of all, they believe that money is necessary. They talk less, they talk more, they study more. Their own conversations are controlled and measured. In every country they go, they act like they’re home, they like to travel. They don’t want to repeat past mistakes, take a round-trip course. It’s built solid.

A few reasons that make him attractive

  • Mysterious structure, deep thinking, irresistible charm
  • The sense of pleasure, the power of sexuality(this is his biggest weapon)
  • You can get it at first glance
  • Charming and seductive.
  • No one can pour water in the hands of seduction
  • She knows her erotic pleasures without limits.
  • Smell of skin
  • Both Angel and Devil states
  • Impressive perfumes
  • Show femininity in every outfit
  • Magical eyes
  • Confidence in oneself, not to step back, not to give up when you fall in love
  • Determination and determination
  • Not afraid of taking risks

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