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Sagittarius Features

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Password: I have to explore and expand the horizons of my mind and the world.

Principle: Discovery Positive practice: Wisdom Negative practice: Illusion

Characteristics: mind, understanding, philosophy, forward vision, metaphysical, ethics, idealistic, dreamer, moral, open-minded, optimistic, hopeful, carefree, cheerful, open-hearted, generous, helpful, humane, compassionate, tolerant, truth seeker, explorer, adventurous, traveler, outspoken, accurate, athletic, animal loving, euphoric, cocky, cocky, head over the clouds, groundless, invisible, dogmatic, unrealistic, lazy, extravagant, loose, scattered, scattered, irresponsible, unconcerned, indiscriminate

Sagittarius is the element of fire and has a variable nature. The ruler of the zodiac is the planet of luck and abundance Jupiter. Sagittarius is successful with its human energy, vigor, and adaptability. The chance that Jupiter gives is added to it, but it can get what it wants in life, but it has to give up the annoyance and put it under discipline, or it can waste its ability. Because he needs a change, he is interested in several issues at the same time and does not like to be connected to the same job. Therefore, without deepening his knowledge, there is the danger of being on the surface.

sagittarius features
sagittarius features

Sagittarius is keen to explore and discover things he doesn’t know. Philosophy strikes the spiritual world and metaphysics. He has a brilliant mind. New cultures, new people, new countries want to know. He is interested in different cultures. The element of fire manifests its characteristic by the desire for adventure and discovery. She likes traveling and traveling wherever she is. The important thing for him is the journey itself. Journeys are good for his nomadic soul, he needs it.

If you cannot travel physically, you must develop your mind. He wants to go to seminars, courses, or go back to college. It examines the moral and spiritual values that underlie the daily events of the past. He explores, explores, tends to the assumptions and creates controversies with the energy given by the element of Fire. Collects protect, synthesizes and distribute information; therefore, a little philosopher. He’s a good speaker. She enjoys watching the open sessions, the panels and the press conferences. Its horizons are broad and it deals with big things and events, so it does not focus on details. Sagittarius is a bit impatient, he gets bored with the details of important events for him.

Sagittarius is known for its sincerity and optimism. Generous, cheerful and intelligent. It is a kind of sought after in the society with its features. It respects the freedom of others and makes a good place in society with good intentions. Although it has a warm and fast-paced structure, there is no evil in it. It is grudging and forgiving.

An open-minded, honest Sagittarius can injure people with all his good intentions despite his tactful speech. It has a sporty structure. She can enjoy all outdoor sports, especially riding. He is good with animals and is very merciful. Tightened in closed places; in nature, open and large areas of happiness is great.

Sagittarius is very fond of his freedom. He is enthusiastic because he is the element of fire, but he is not easily connected even when he likes it because he is afraid of losing his freedom. He’s scared of being restricted. Jealous and possessive people can create a claustrophobic effect; where you will be surprised. However, it can be attributed to someone whom he likes and believes will not restrict himself. Like a cultured and intelligent wife.

Sagittarius Health and Sports

Your Executive Planet: Sagittarius is governed by the happy and optimistic Jupiter.

Body in your body: Sagittarius governs the hip.

Your metabolism: Fast.

Your most important feature: your interest in trying new things.

What Hates You: mak Tucking in you is your phobia. Open air is for you.

Your mistake with your health: You have to be undecided about exercise. Sometimes you don’t want to, and you have other excuses.

You’re in luck! As a Sagittarius, you will certainly be successful in at least one sport. Most Olympic champions come out of Sagittarius. You are strong, you have a natural rhythm, you are fast and you believe you will win. You’re also extroverted, funny and sociable. When you exercise, you enjoy being together with friends and friendly competition.

sagittarius health
sagittarius health

Archery, fencing, mountaineering, horseback riding, rowing, such as sports while maintaining your form will be excited to concentrate and have fun. The symbol of your horoscope is a mythological creature in the form of a semi-human half horse, you may have a special interest in horses. Sagittarius governs travel, so camping, mountain climbing, rafting, such as activities that will allow you to travel very well.

Wherever you are, you are interested in all sports and your body is in a form to make your friends jealous. The Sagittarius is aware that the intact head is in the solid body and finds ways to strengthen the two on a regular basis.

Your biggest weakness is your devotion to fatty foods. Because you are managed by Jupiter, you are interested in calorie foods. Because your horoscope directs the hip, if you are a woman, your excess weight will be collected here. The weight of the male springs will be collected in the waist area more. Because you do not like to be restricted and prevented, it will be difficult to make a diet, but you can easily lose weight because you are very active. From an early age, you should take calcium to strengthen your bones (especially your hip bones).

Sagittarius Money and Wealth

Dear Sagittarius, you are always so optimistic and cheerful that you never think you can be free. You should start to accumulate money by saying ız What happens next “. You can be a gambler side of Sagittarius Man, managed by Jupiter, you don’t have to be afraid if you can control your passion for being rich fast. You just have to take a chance on things you can afford to lose.

sagittarius money
sagittarius money

Sagittarius wants to concentrate on big events. You want to invest in large business or real estate market. You may be detrimental to more than you trust yourself. You spend the thought without thinking, tomorrow you somehow believe that your situation will improve. Your extreme optimism may be the cause of both your great success and your fall. Best of all, don’t push your chances too hard. Sometimes you see good things come, but you can overestimate the value of them.

Besides, it is in your best interest to spend money on your higher education, seminars or courses related to your profession. Sagittarius is the director of the 9th house related to higher education. You always want to go back to school and give importance to education. Higher education and training is the best way for you to increase your income in the short and long term. With great patience, you can search for private or state scholarships, do your correspondence, and find a scholarship to help yourself handle the money problem.

Sagittarius Gift Selection

Female Sagittarius

Animated and athletic Sagittarius woman can gift videotapes for gym membership or exercise. You may want to learn new sports; riding, karate or any kind of sport. Actually, he likes to learn new things in every subject, so you can arrange a lesson on many subjects that will interest him, from Italian to Chinese.

She prefers comfortable and comfortable sportswear. You can get a good quality leather wallet for a handy, folded suitcase or passport for the loving Sagittarius woman. It is quite modern; The digital video camera will be a good gift. A sports watch that will help you find your direction, a pair of boots or sneakers will make him very happy.

If you are going to buy a book, you should choose an interesting and profound topic. The auspicious stone of the sign is turquoise. You can get interesting jewelry made from them. You can gift a cat or puppy who loves animals.


The bowman is constantly on the move, so you can get sports to watch to fit your daily schedule. Because of his frequent travel, you can give him a passport and a bag of tickets. Sagittarius is very sporty; Ski shoes, snowboards, basket or soccer balls, tennis rackets, sports outfits, can use as a tent or barbecue gift when camping. You can get fishing gear, hunting knife, and compass. You can choose from sports shops.

You can give an anorak or vest that you can wear while walking around the creek. If you have a playground you can get a basketball. She is always child-spirited and will love a colorful kite or a circus show. If you have children, you will play on the edges of the water, in the parks, together with the children take the remote control toy boat.

Sagittarius Elimination of stress

The relaxed and unconcerned Sagittarius governed by Jupiter does not detract easily from the nerves. You’re fine with changes, and you’re already reviewing your situation regularly. Your only problem is your optimism, which is one of your best features. Sometimes you look away from the reality by looking at life with pink glasses.

You like to move fast and you will get bored with the details very quickly. Because of these features, you may miss important details or misinterpret events. Compile with the analyst airborne signs (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra), or help the earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) to balance you. You have a flexible structure that can be easily adapted to change because you have a variable character. You are enthusiastic, energetic and creative in developing new plans and ideas for being an element of fire.

When everything is very high, go to the right gym. You can only get stressed out by sweating and sweating. Go for a walk with your dog. Equestrian sports are for you. If you can, try riding in a club. Sagittarius cannot stay indoors for long periods of time.

You should also try sports such as archery and fencing. Some springs don’t like too much sport, but they like to walk. As a sport, they just walk and walk so fast that none of us can reach them. During this walk, all negativity that prevents new ideas is cleared and your thoughts become clear.

If you want to have fun, you should go to the circus or the zoo. Sagittarius governs large animals and a great majority love animals. You need to get together with optimistic people like you. Leo, Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra. Water signs are too emotional for you and earth signs can be very serious.

You are also interested in books like your opposite sign Gemini. You can go to the bookstore or library. While twins are interested in both best-selling novels as well as books that will help them improve themselves, you are more interested in books that make philosophy about life.

You like to exchange ideas and discussions with others. You will not be disturbed by different opinions and you will defend your opinion to the end in the discussion. You can find creative solutions about the subject that are disturbing you by listening to different perspectives.

Your astrological sign is a pleasure to learn new things. You can attend classes and seminars at the university. These courses do not need to provide information about your problem. A course on any subject or hobby will distract you from your frustrations.

If you have the possibility of a short period of time, it will be good to move away even if you have the opportunity. Sagittarius is a sign of travel like Gemini. Sometimes you can go away for a while to see your problems objectively. If you spend the weekend in another city or camp, you will have a new perspective when you return. Since the bow is an independent and self-sufficient horoscope, it won’t be a problem to go on your own even if there is no one.

Sagittarius Ideal Holiday


Sagittarius has a great passion for traveling. The more distant and exotic places he is, the more excited he is. He wants to go from Alaska to Kenya to all the distant countries. Like the twins Gemini, they need to be challenged and new. He collects information about the culture and history of his destination long before he travels. She is quite talented in language and wants to learn the language of that country so that she can have a talk to strangers of her country.

sagittarius holiday
sagittarius holiday

Athletic Sagittarius should fill the holiday program with plenty of physical activities. It is ideal for Sagittarius people who have plenty of activities and sports activities. Walking in nature, tennis, swimming, swimming, horseback riding and aerobics classes in the gym will be very happy.


The most sympathetic Horoscope of the zodiac world

Sagittarius is the most sympathetic, most positive signs of the zodiac world. You can actually chat with these people about almost anything. Egosuz, they enjoy listening to you because they are without ego. Since the ruler of the Sagittarius is Jupiter, philosophy lies in its existence. You can be sure that he will listen to you with interest unless you exaggerate and link everything to Freud. Sagittarius love to be surprised, learn new things, expand their horizons. Look at the world, the environment, the universe to keep their attention on you. Tell them about the new things you have learned, and you will find that they listen to you passionately!

Restrictions terrify them.

Lively, lively, talkative, enterprising, well-intentioned, knows how to hurt and is generous. The most curious, optimistic and enthusiastic structure among the rising signs. They draw attention to the events with their comfortable approaches and adaptability. They are extremely fond of their freedom, and the restrictions terrify them. Anyone who ascends Sagittarius is cheerful, joking, fond of his friends, interested in the people he has just met. Cheerful, well-being is one of the most characteristic features. Their desire to live on their own comes first of all. They are people who fulfill their promises, who are open and optimistic. They’re usually restless. They’re very good at public relations. Even if there is little light of hope for a job to be concluded, they will enter with extreme optimism. They have practical intelligence that can save money. Religion and morality interests. Faithful and depend on their values. With its charitable and merciful structure, it tries to help anyone who needs it. He doesn’t like monotony, he loves it without restriction, and he’s bound to love it. People can be overly concerned, but they can get bored quickly. With their strong intuition, they quickly grasp and reach the conclusion. The best way to feel their freedom and spend their energy is to exercise.

A few reasons that make him attractive

  • There are childish states that never grow.
  • Always manages to stay young.
  • Loves adventure, enjoys a getaway, great sense of humor, likes idleness and laziness.
  • Knows the beauty, care, and form
  • Kindness, nobility, does not carry evil in your heart
  • Positive thoughts, problems do not fall on you
  • They have exaggerated dreams.
  • A suitcase is always ready behind the door.)
  • Where he goes, where he enters, makes people laugh.
  • Can see things funny
  • It doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t trouble when you leave
  • Friendly, generous, jealousy doesn’t know

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