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Libra Features

Keyword: Link building

Password: I have to cooperate with others to create beauty, balance, and harmony.

Principle: Balance Positive practice: Diplomacy Negative practice: Indecision

Features: linking, sharing, collaborative, coherent, social, sincere, thoughtful, agreeable, balanced, tartan, fair, impartial, kind, sweet, diplomat, mediator, pleasant, aesthetic, elegant, craftsman, refined, tasteful, dependent, indecisive

The pioneer quality is combined with the air element in the Libra. Libra is a great mediator. It introduces people to each other and creates cheerful social environments. Libra, who wants to be together with others constantly, cannot know what to do when he is alone. Makes wonders in teamwork and partnerships.

In fact, it is not as soft as it looks: although it has an authoritarian structure, it hides it sweetly. The dominant feature of the pioneering group is that it can be pleasantly joined by the cute character of Libra. She sweetly says to you, but she does. Libra is incredibly honest, but he doesn’t always say what he thinks. He is a gentle diplomat.

Harmony and beauty are very important for Libra, which is managed by Venus. These are necessary to be peaceful. He loves most of the arts, all the cultural events. He is an art lover, even if he is not engaged in art. Can be successful in the fields of fine arts. Again it is suitable for all kinds of beauty and flourishes.

libra features
libra features

Libra has a strong sense of justice. The symbol of the zodiac represents the scales justice and reflects the most basic characteristics of Libra. Equality is one of the basic principles. He wants to be nice to everyone and tries to act as he asks himself to be treated. If he wants to get as much as he can, his relationships are very happy if he is balanced in this respect. Many judges, judges or prosecutors in the judicial system are Libra signs. In art and justice, it is very difficult to find the deserved midpoint and to maintain balance. Libra can do that.

It tries to compare the different aspects of events, the past and the future, the known and the unknown, and create a complete balance between them. So it is difficult and late deciders. Others may not understand how they want to constantly weigh all things, their hesitations, and indecision. Like the search of perfection in details, the Libra tries to find the balance by weighing the events. Libra thinks that life is full of injustices and sometimes complains of injustices.

He does not like fighting and hardness and tries to satisfy others. He is generally known as a gentle, charming and cheerful person. Libra is also there if you have fun social events. Libra, who never loves loneliness, has a wide circle of friends. The most popular types of society come from Libra. He knows the hospitality and is a guest of all kinds. It is a social, extroverted, very adorned sign that likes to travel, but it is also a sign of marriage; It takes great pleasure to be with and share with your partner.

Libra Health and Sports

Your Executive Planet: Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love, fun, and comfort.

Your metabolism: Slow

Your most important feature: elegance, balance, and coordination. You should try activities such as gymnastics, golf, dance.

What Hates You: Unpleasant images distort your nerves. For example, bad for your hair, the ugly look of the place where you do sports or you have to do sports with a garment will spoil your morale.

Your mistake with your health: Libra may forget the reason why there is too much social in a sports club. He may not have much time to look at nice people, gossip with his acquaintances, or do sports. Yet you should not go to extremes. This time, you may get extremely tired or hurt your place. You must protect your balance.

libra health
libra health

Your well-groomed bastion is rare. The scales take very good care of themselves. The shelves are full of care creams, shampoos, and cosmetics, but they don’t pay much attention to what they eat. They have a weakness for dessert. Do not allow yourself to completely prohibit it instead. If you try to cut completely, you can start eating more. The snack’s weight will cause weight gain.

Libra’s devotion to social life and nightlife causes sleeplessness. Try to get back home before it’s too late.

Libra is the sign of partnership, the sport you will do as a team with someone else is for you. For tennis, squash, basketball, soccer, volleyball, sailing, you should try partner sports.

You should pay attention to your lower back area, strengthen your back muscles and drink plenty of water for your kidney health.

Libra Money and Wealth

Dear Libra, if you had it, you would have everything sold at a fair price. Any product or service is very expensive when you get nervous. You believe you need to negotiate, this is as natural as breathing for you. Too few signs can make you a good bargain. Since you are able to analyze everything well, you can earn your life by bargaining, that is, with a profession such as a lawyer or union leadership. If you invest in precious stones and metals such as gold and diamond, you can be profitable because you are ruled by Venus. You can also make a profit by investing in fine arts from your admiration for your distinguished taste and fine art. You can buy their work by discovering artists that have not yet been heard.

libra money
libra money

You’re lucky in partnerships. You can make investments with your partner or with your trusted partner. Libra is very generous and fond of luxury. It is very important for you to be with your friends and that’s why you spend the most fun. Despite your modest and politics look, you like to dominate. Ambitious scales want to be their boss. Your manager, Venus, allows you to keep the direction of dominance. You have already discovered that it is easier to make your wishes with your liking.

Feeling neglected and slouchy can disrupt your spirits. You must look good in order to feel good and perform fully. So you may need to spend some money to dress up nicely.

Libra Gift Selection

Libra Woman

The most favorite gift of the Libra woman is quality jewelry. You can get him an opal ring or a sapphire necklace. Libra woman’s social life is very mobile. If you buy a small night bag, shawl or heeled night shoes, you can rest assured that you will often use it. Libra uses perfumes and perfumed body lotions as part of its appeal; it will never come much. She also can’t give up her sexy silk lingerie. You will enjoy a champagne silk night. The sign of beauty and elegance is ruled by Venus and naturally loves fresh flowers.

The Libra woman will enjoy a new accessory for her home. The metal of the scale is copper. This can be any copper item, an elegant watch or a copper-edged mirror that it can hang on the wall. A stylish crystal vase that can put fresh roses will be a gift for him. He is very interested in people, if you decide to buy a book, you should choose a biography book. You may get one year of Internet access for her that might make you love chatting on the internet.

Male Libra

The Libra man, led by Venus, loves to listen to music. You can keep the groups he likes in your favorite CDs. You can have fun with classical music, jazz or rock concerts. If you’re going out to eat, a popular club where you can dance from behind will be a good choice. You can get a CD player for your car, new speakers or CD walkmen into your home.

Libra man is very enjoyable and gives importance to clothing. White stylish shirt, custom cufflinks can gift. Get it if you find a sexy male odor that’s new; you will like it. The social life of the Libra man is very mobile. Gifts such as electronic calendars and small handheld computers will help you better organize your daily life.

Libra Elimination of stress

While under stress, Libra must definitely come out and meet with friends. The more friends he sees, the happier he is, he hates the loneliness. As a pioneering horoscope, you don’t feel uncomfortable with the change, you just want to make sure you make the right decision. You want to get everyone’s opinion as an air element. You can understand your own feelings more clearly after taking the opinions of others.

Although the zodiac signs are so social, they are not as superficial as they appear. They are very rational and do not confuse their emotions when making their decisions. They collect and analyze new information continuously and try to find the middle point by “weighing arak with good and bad aspects. The scales are also interviewers of the zodiac like the Gemini.

Libra is very trusting to his wife and business partner (Libra is the manager of the 7th house). your partner
you want to listen to your ideas. If you are not in the mood to listen to all the details that bother you, your morale is very distorted.

Directed by Venus, Libra comes to rest in calm and beautiful environments. If possible, continue your work in the garden, put fresh flowers on your work desk, and place your loved one’s photo on your business trip.

The harmony and beauty that you always need must be reflected in your appearance. That’s why you spend a long time in front of a mirror before a job interview or meeting. Don’t let others give up on you, but when you look good, your spirits will come. You get the best out of your best view. What you’re going to do to make yourself feel better is to have beauty or health care. The most affected area is the lower part of your back and your back. You will feel wonderful with a back massage.

You can benefit a lot from the health farm. Here, you can work out sports, exercise, light meals and various treatments. If you don’t have the opportunity to go to a place like this, you can ask your partner or girlfriend to indulge you at home. You can have breakfast in your bed, fill the bathroom with fragrant mousse and do all day long care. After good care, you will feel better and feel great. If you complete the night of the day with two candles in a stylish restaurant, your spirits will be fulfilled.

Libra manages the justice system, and the Scales are interested in justice. You can distribute your mind by reading a book or watching a movie.

Libra men and women are very happy with the smell. You can make him happy by offering a new perfume. It’s good to listen to music. Even if you play guitar, piano or any other musical instrument, even if you take a break, the music will heal you.

You know a lot, some are successful and famous people. You can call your friends to give ideas, to introduce them to some people. Keep in mind that it is very important for people to know as much as they know about success.

Libra Ideal Holiday


The people of Libra, who are quite social, prefer a big city or a holiday resort. A holiday in the tent is not for him as he likes being in a comfortable and comfortable environment. If you talk about camping in Libra, you might think you mean a hotel with no fax and no cable TV. He likes to travel around Libra, museums, art galleries, shop and enjoys the nightlife.

libra holiday
libra holiday

Libra discovers the most popular nightclubs, cafes, and bars in every city. The people of the crowded places, Terazi’s address book is filled with the phone numbers of the people he has just met. You can also be immediately intimate with the locals of the places you go to. She can’t imagine the idea of going on vacation alone or with one person. For her, the holiday means crowded and cheerful people have fun together. Scorpio in private life is a holiday away from his acquaintance with an acquaintance in remote regions, Libra, but does not like it very much, on the contrary, would be very satisfied. Ideal holiday destinations for Libra, Miami, Rio, Madrid, Istanbul, such as nightlife is busy, crowded, full of pleasant people, shopping, with beautiful views, fun cities.

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