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Leo Features

Keyword: Show

Password: I must express myself creatively and influence others.

Principle: Creativity Positive practice: Love Negative practice: Arrogance

Features: Confident, Safe, Dynamic, Strong, Domineering, Dominating, Vibrant, Impressive, Noble, Honorable, Proud, Commendable, Glorious, Courageous, Leader, Generous, Creative, Exaggerated, Caring, Cheerful, Friendly, Proud, Self-Reflective , stubborn, dictator, arrogant, size complex, cocky, brash, childish, wanting to draw attention.

Leo is a fire element and has a constant quality. Demonstrates elements of fire element in creative and cultural areas. No matter what the job is, he has his own stamp of work and all of them have some pretension. The authority of the king of forests, Aslan, has always been and is valid for his authority. The lion succeeds in all the jobs that require leadership, all that is needed to be organized. He is also a sign of the talented painters, directors, actors, and designers because he is so creative.

The Leo is conservative and stubborn because it is of a fixed nature, and once it has decided, it does not give up easily. He has constructive ideas and breaks his hold. He tries to do great things, but he is not good with details. Its horizons are wide, great thinking, and it shows its courage.

leo features
leo features

The Lion led by the Sun is the king of the Zodiac. If the Sun is the center of the Solar System, the Lion likewise likes to be the focal point of all time and take all the attention. The lion believes he is created to be a leader and acts accordingly. In the face of his strong personality, those around him often regress. He is proud, but a sense of pride can put pressure on others. As long as he believes that others can better organize their life than they do, but as long as they accept it, everything goes well.

Leo is an innate leader like Aries, but he is a better organizer because he is a fixed group. He knows his place in life with the intuition that a competitive position is the head of an organization. Their desire to lead and lead leadership never keeps their demands small. He believes that he is very important. Sometimes it can be overly arrogant and arrogant. The small mountains are very good hearts, even though they can feel their heart.

Under the dominating behavior of Aslan is actually a very soft person. He is kind and warm. The lion manages his heart and love. He is sincere, passionate and passionate. She loves dramatic events and exaggerations, her speeches and movements are noteworthy. She needs to know that she is loved and loved and needs to be praised at the same time; If neglected, his morale is deteriorated quickly. He will remain true to you as long as he knows that you are attached to him, but if you lose interest, his emotions will be hurt and he will be able to search for comfort.

He is honest, straightforward, adorable and never strikes from the back, but he doesn’t forgive if he’s received. He is not as aggressive as an Aries, but if his pride breaks, he may not be able to control his anger, explode badly and attack. After this explosion, nothing will behave as if nothing happened because the lion does not hold a grudge and is forgiving.

The lion is smiling, cheerful and sober. There is a wide range of friends. She enjoys traveling, having fun in flamboyant invitations and inexpensive restaurants. She likes to spend money for pleasure, and mostly her expenditures are uneventful. She is fond of luxury. He can have big debts to get what he wants. She could be flashily dressed, have a fancy cart, or a cool lover. It has expensive tastes and is a tool that brings money to its purpose. He can’t hold the money because he’s extravagant. Because he trusts himself, he is not afraid of the future and does not want to save money.

Leo Health and Sports

Your Executive Planet: The sun that gives life to the solar system and also gives you strength, vitality, and confidence.

Body in your body: Leo horoscope, the heart, governs the back and spine.

Your metabolism: speed.

Your most important feature: Looking good. You have to admit, it’s very important for you to show off.

What Makes You Crazy: The place where you exercise inside or outside is too cold. (First of all, you are led by the sun.) Skiing, ice skating sports are not your favorite. Horse riding, roller skating, riding a bike and being outdoors are all for you. You should try to go out in the sun every day, especially in the winter. For a long time without windows, indoors can disturb your spirits.

Your mistake with your health: You can quickly and sometimes you can exhaust yourself.

The element of fire is a happy and friendly person. You should keep your heart healthy by eating healthy and at regular intervals. You should not exercise alone because you are happy in social settings. You must be a member of a sports club, and you must do sports with everyone in the aerobics classes. Music will be enjoyable to enjoy with loud music for your favorite. Especially female lions love to burn their calories by dancing with music. Male lions are a bit of a match, they want to feel that they are the king of the jungles with sports like kickbox, taekwondo.

leo health
leo health

As a zodiac sign, Leo and your spine should strengthen. Exercises like quick walks and yoga will both strengthen you and make you more flexible. Because you enjoy playing games, you can keep up with sports like football, basketball and so on. When you are traveling you must go to warm places, Leo hates the cold.

You’re not very picky at dinner. Your favorite thing is to eat in the restaurant because you enjoy being served so much. You’d love to bring food from outside. At least you should choose healthy, low-calorie, natural dishes and stay away from prepared meals. Lion likes Libra as well as party and nightlife. Drinking too much and staying up late can cause harm to your health. You should not miss the measure and stop where it should be.

Leo Money and Wealth

Saving money for someone who is fond of luxury is quite difficult. Like Leo, you want to have the best of everything. You’d be very unhappy if you had to settle for less. You have great expectations from life. It is a known fact that those who do not have many expectations cannot progress in life, never listen to anyone’s words. Be ready to pour the sweat just to get the income you believe you deserve.

Leo is very generous. If you have children, you will try very hard to meet their every wish. You don’t have to spoil your family and friends in an exaggerated way. Even if you don’t order food, they will always love you.

leo money
leo money

Leo wants to be admired and respected for what they have or their superior taste. You must satisfy these pleasures and sacrifice some things with your budget. Don’t waste your money to the end and think ahead. You are not realistic as the element of fire, but your imagination and creativity are well developed, so consider it well.

The lion person is very proud and can hide it from his closest relatives when he is broke. Therefore, he does not ask for help from anyone so he can understand his situation when the money gets jammed.
Be reasonable and borrow if you cannot pay your rent. Don’t be foolish by trying to save the image, you can become more difficult.

Leo Gift Selection

The Lion Woman

Whatever you get to it, you should get the most sophisticated and the best gift you can afford. You can get a black evening gown or a blouse from the more weave. Silk and satin underwear, especially if the brand la La Perla lar will faint. Two tickets to a stylish ballroom costume will be a gift for him. Lion woman with two dozen red roses on the ship. You will like an imported box of chocolates or a basket full of imported cheese, tea, jams, and cookies.

Leo loves to draw attention; you can get him an expensive sunglasses of the high-quality brand of his choice. Unlike Aquarius, she loves to wear fur, even pleasing her fur coat. A chic silk scarf dol it must be Hermes or Chanel için, a crystal bottle for perfume, a gold-plated box for powder, or an expensive fountain pen set. You can buy a small set of music for his office.

If you are going to buy jewelry, you can choose a bracelet with a necklace and earring or diamond stone. The favorite move is close.


You can get a bottle of French champagne and two crystal champagne glasses. For lion sign, the keyword is luxury. You can please him with plenty of fresh caviar. You can surprise him by booking in one of the best restaurants. If you can rent a limousine for three to four hours or if you can take a helicopter tour, you can go crazy.

You will enjoy the fact that you are in the front row for a musical or game. A new music set or sound system for his car or study room will be loved by him. If you love you can get a box of cigars and lighter. You can get a silver box to put your business cards in. Leo likes the original things, but he loves all kinds of art. You can get a trench coat like Burberrysinizs.

If you have a special club that you wish to become a member of, you can save your money and make it a member. Inside you can always get Nintendo or Playstation2 because it is a childish side.

Leo Elimination of stress

Leo must be absolutely lonely when his sign is broken, should meet with friends. The element of fire protects the cluster while the Lion is with people. Going to the theater or museum will be good for you. Have a feast in a quality restaurant, eat out, cheer up Leo always dancing or dancing at night club. Wear your most stylish clothes when you’re worried, and your spirits will be replaced by your compliments. Since you have a competitive structure, you should stay away from those who you consider yourself superior.

The lion is a generous, loving, friendly and social bastion that needs attention and love. Do not ignore this need. The more love and support you get from your relatives, the quicker you get up and you get rid of your troubles. You have a tendency to exaggerate and dramatize everything, and you can also panic by exaggerating your problems. You should review your situation in cold blood.

leo happy
leo happy

Sometimes you may contradict yourself. While your element of fire forces you to move, your fixed quality tries to prevent you from taking new steps. You hate to be told what to do as a Leo. Therefore, you do not listen to any criticism and advice about your situation in good faith. When the people around you try to warn you about certain issues, do not think about everything you know best.

Bring all your loved ones together at a meal. Listen to your advice in a warm environment with good feelings. Don’t try to cook, you can’t come to this mess. Or you can order something.

The Leo, ruled by the sun, is unhappy in cold and rainy weather. If you have the opportunity to go to a warm place, sunbathing on a beautiful beach will come to your mind. Even if you don’t have the possibility, a warm sauna, whirlpool or heated swimming pool can be replaced by your spirits.

Your horoscope, such as Taurus, Libra, Pisces, is very sensitive to music. Set up your music set, plug in your headphones and immerse yourself in the music by opening the volume to the end. Go and buy new cassettes and CDs. Go to the concert, the opera, the flashy things will make you happy. You must find luxury to spoil yourself. Remind yourself often that you are the king of the forests.

Leo is not interested in sports except social sports such as tennis. Especially the sports that are made alone are not interested. Your horoscope governs the heart and your circulation is most affected when you are under stress. At such times, you’re cold. By doing aerobics in a crowded gym, both your circulatory system will be regulated and your morale will improve as you meet your acquaintances.

Leo is more creative than being athletic, you want to express your feelings continuously. Try a short story, write a game or make a picture. Join an amateur theater community. You can discover that you have a real talent. You can reflect any emotion you feel into your role. Since your astrological sign directs the 5th house, the best players come out of the Leo signs.

5. The home also manages the children. Stop concentrating on yourself (one of the biggest flaws of Leo) and take care of your own children or do something useful for the children. Kids are also very important for Leo as Crab. Thanks to them, you will re-face, refresh and get away with your problems while dealing with them.

You should not lose confidence in yourself, or you cannot move forward in the comfort you desire. Since you are a fixed horoscope, it is very difficult to adapt to the change, especially at the beginning. Get together with your friends who support you the most. Remember your achievements, think about what you have done to accomplish it, and remove your personal success formula. The first thing you can do to improve your situation is not to lose your faith in yourself and to be proud of what you have accomplished so far. Don’t forget to reward yourself after every step you make. After a short time, you will have your old vitality.

Leo Ideal Holiday


Even if you are interested in luxury in your daily life, Leo, holiday time in the most varied for the most wonderful holiday can spend all his money. In fact, it takes a long time to wait to bring this money together. He believes that a holiday with difficult conditions that he cannot relax is meaningless and boring.

leo holiday
leo holiday

A lion is a society man, he likes the crowd. For him, a deserted resort is not for him. The crowded cities with rich cultures attract him. In particular, the old palaces, the castle with the traces of nobility in finding the places would be very happy. Dream cities are Monte-Carlo, Rome, London, Tokyo, Paris, and San Francisco. The dream holiday will be a holiday filled with top quality restaurants, opera and cultural activities such as tours to old fortresses in Germany, wine tasting tours in the Napa Valley.

The lion wants to get the best service at the most luxurious hotel, where everyone can afford it. She loves her nightlife so you can take her to dance, jazz concert or theater. She’ll love bars and cafés where she can show everyone. The lion knows how to live.


Chat With Leo

The Leo’s ruler is the sun, existence, consciousness, spirit, and love. To impress the Leo, have Cosmos knowledge at the entry level. Maybe you can add some philosophy to it. The man who can talk to you about the causes of his existence for many years is right here. Two normal people can talk for hours about many issues such as war, agendas, Science, love, but one of the two people in question is Leo; he himself! You can talk for days about how wonderful he is, how wonderful he is, how unique he is, but somewhere. Another issue of interest is the causes of existence. If there’s some philosophy involved, there’s no way to talk to the Leo.

This sign, which is the star of the sun, is located in the fire Group. Clearly positive features, Eli openness, organizational ability and creates creativity. Negative traits of stubbornness, self-admiration, and jealousy come to the fore.

They trust themselves…

They trust themselves, they are brave and brave. Loves to be strong and He’s a master in putting himself out and drawing attention. In every environment, he will act like a king or queen and do his best to make him feel his kingdom. Self-confident, fearless people. The owner of their nest is in passion. Jealous of their freedom. They want to live as long as possible. He’s a good-willed, steadfast man who does what he thinks he knows. He enjoys the help and is generous. He loves life, gives importance to friendships. Although he’s very talkative, he doesn’t open his secret feelings because of his pride. He is very hardworking and takes care of the work done by others in a short time by working for a long time. They love to be praised and flattered. He likes things that are fancy and wants to turn the place he lives into a palace. He’s angry, but he’s never vengeful. They like to draw attention. They are proud, and they never forget the evils they have done to themselves. In such a situation, they prefer compromise rather than revenge.

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