Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Features

Keywords: Benefit

Password: I have to be structured, take part in a large organization and gain social success.

Principle: Layout Positive implementation: Success Negative practice: Opportunity

Features: Responsible, practical, disciplined, organized, enhanced sense of duty, systematic, mature, reliable, diligent, generative, realistic, manager, planning, patient, regular, methodical, efficient, careful, controlled, thrifty, challenging, successful, ambitious , conservative, solid, materialistic, stingy, pessimistic, funky, solid, cold, cold, melancholic, affordable.

Capricorn is a sign of the earth element and pioneer, and the ruler is Saturn. Saturn is a restrictive planet and responsibilities. Capricorn man has a purpose in life, he stands firmly on his feet and knows what direction he goes. He starts to implement his goals in a planned way, he moves with thinking and never in a hurry. She climbed to the top of the mountain like a mountain goat, a symbol of Capricorn with resolute, stubborn, patient patients. No sign is so determined to achieve its goal. Aside from its precursor character, patience, stubbornness, and other characteristics are combined, and this type eventually reaches the top. The Capricorn is very ambitious. The moment the events start, the results are already ready in his head. He chooses to take over the management as soon as he starts, no matter what job, profession or subject he chooses.

capricorn features
capricorn features

Capricorn is one of the most hardworking signs. The manager, Saturn, reminds him of the tasks and responsibilities he needs to do without breathing. It provides a good plan, attention to details, maturing at a young age. She takes life too seriously, and this seriousness makes her look even bigger than a child. He prefers the friendship of his elders, and he does not agree with the younger generations.

As Capricorn gets older, it finds itself and becomes more attractive. If it has no other effect, it is considered to be physically very robust. He is usually alone because he spends most of his energy on his work, he cannot experience some spiritual things. He’s pessimistic like a crab. He doesn’t trust anyone, he just trusts himself. Opposite the crab, the Capricorn wants to find profession and status. He becomes very friendly, friendly, but he trusts anyone in his lifetime.

It is tied to the past, traditions and conservative. Family ties are strong because she is responsible for her family. Capricorn, which looks cold at first, demands a superior wife. When he finds such a person, he tries to give his every material-spiritual will, and remains committed to him for life. He is not an ardent lover to cut your breath, but he is loyal and trustworthy.

He wants to be respected thanks to his Capricorn business and he places great importance on status. In a good neighborhood, it wants to become a good house, a good car and a club. Money is a careful, frugal, and even distrustful. He may seem overly materialistic, but what motivates him most is to be respected in the community rather than making money. He can throw away everything that might hinder his ascension and not step back after taking action. Capricorn usually obtains the fortune of desire.

She likes to make things safe and tidy. He is as fond of Virgo as his business. She wants to do her job in the best possible way. It does not deviate to the ways of being rich, it moves regularly and planned. She wants to work, be a name, and to be recognized as a leader. Capricorn is aware that there will be confusion in places where there is no hierarchical order. He understands the chain of command and he respects the hierarchy. That is why he becomes a manager and an authorized person within the state, in large organizations or companies.

Capricorn Health and Sports

Your Executive Planet: The Capricorn Zodiac, long life and endurance are ruled by the planet Saturn.

Body in Your Body: Bones, teeth and especially knees.

Your metabolism: speed.

Your most important feature: Competitive and disciplined.

What Hates You: To be doomed to long, useless meetings when you’re in sports and exercise.

The Error You Make About Your Health: If you are very competitive, you cannot show the performance you expect, your morale will collapse and what others think.

The Capricorn is very ambitious and always wants to be ahead. He is so engrossed in the study that he often does not even realize how late it is. As a result, whatever you see at that time, you will eat and often be fed with unhealthy foods. No matter how busy your work is, you can plan better and healthier food by planning in advance.

capricorn sports
capricorn sports

Capricorns are very hard on themselves and especially when they believe that they are lazy, they criticize themselves. They want to be physically fit and look good and think that this has a positive effect on their work life. Even if that’s true, you shouldn’t torture yourself.

As an earth element, you want to determine your own pace with exercises such as walking and jogging in nature. Capricorns enjoy the feel of the soil under their feet, mountaineering, golf is for you.

Capricorns may have problems with joints even when they are young. You must exercise continuously to maintain your flexibility. You should especially pay attention to your knees. You can strengthen your body by working with weight.

Capricorn Money and Wealth

Capricorn is one of the most skillful signs of money. You are so smart and wise in your spending and investment that other people can come to you to manage their money. You don’t take too much risk because you have a cautious structure. You don’t have the dream of being rich fast, you will go slowly and surely. You plan everything in advance and stay true to that plan. You want to be strong and effective and you are recognized as the most ambitious of the signs. Working hard does not intimidate you, you will enjoy every moment of your work. You can easily be workaholic and you can put other things in your life into the second plan.

capricorn wealth
capricorn wealth

As opposed to the Aries who want to have their own business, you enjoy working in large holdings belonging to others. The bigger and stronger the company you are working with, the more you like it. The advantages your company provides to its valuable employees come to you. Practical and frugal earth sign Capricorn does not worry about working under the orders of others. You like the hierarchical order in corporations and companies, and you know that this hierarchy will help you climb to the top.

As Capricorn, you will enjoy history, antique coins, old coins, historical documents, precious stones, and antiques.

Capricorn Gift Selection

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman can get cashmere, angora blouse or suit in cream or soft pastel colors. On cold winter nights, you can choose soft slippers to keep your feet warm. Because Capricorn attaches great importance to the past, you can give her old jewelry or a very classic pearl or diamond earrings. He loves antiques. You can buy an old-fashioned bedspread and pillowcases with lace edges. You can choose an antique box to put your jewelry on.

He will also enjoy reproductions of famous painters. It will be a great gift if you find a radio in the 1950s line. You can get a chic briefcase, organizer, etc. for your career-loving Capricorn woman. If you are going to get perfume, you should prefer classic French scents.

Male of Capricorn

The Capricorn man will enjoy all sorts of gifts related to money such as stocks, treasury bills, mutual funds. You can give her a precious stamp or gift of the old coin collection. This signage gives great importance to status, you should make a good store for classic choices. The latest trends do not attract much attention. You can get a classic silk tie, a cashmere sweater, a pair of leather gloves or rugged boots (the Capricorn governs the mountains and the soil).

Does she like history? Most of the Capricorns take great pleasure in history. If you’re going to buy books, you can choose a book about history or work. Chess or backgammon set or a high-quality bottle of whiskey is one of the best gifts. You can buy tickets to stand up shows and comedy games.

Capricorn Ideal Holiday


The most ideal holiday for Capricorn is in a mountainous region. This bastion takes great pleasure in visiting ancient and historical places because it gives importance to traditions and history. Ephesus ruins for holiday, Zeugma, Nemrut, Cappadocia, Rome, Athens, Crete, Egypt, Prague, and Mexico should consider such places. Going to the archaeological excavations or volunteering in one of these excavations will be the unforgettable experience of your life.

capricorn holiday
capricorn holiday

Capricorn is a great pleasure to stay in hotels that are old, large and traditional. Pera Palas in Istanbul, Plaza in New York, Ritz in London. In addition, Capricorn loves to walk down the creek hill in nature.

Capricorn will be very happy if he can do some work during his vacation. This can drive you crazy, but for him, work is a part of your life, it gives him great pleasure and is therefore very successful. The holiday will be even more enjoyable if you can catch a business-related opportunity.

Capricorn Elimination of Stress

Capricorn is a bourgeois sign of life. In his troubled times, he continues to work intensively and more intuitively. Your manager is responsible for Saturn‘s influence. You value realistic and practical solutions. You want the administration to be in charge because you have a leading character and you start the events. You work well, but sometimes you can lose yourself among busy jobs and not be able to perceive events as a whole. You must make sure that your work is worth the effort. If your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend complains about not being able to see you too much, it is best to reconsider your work schedule.

As the Capricorn is the element of earth, you are most likely to be in the mountainous regions rather than the seaside. Even for a day, hiking, climbing, exploring caves in mountainous areas will make you a new person. You can manage your Capricorn team games and play football with your friends. In the meantime, do not forget to protect your knees, the weak zone of the Son.

You are a very social person and you will eventually rise to the top in your field. If you don’t like to go to cheap and shabby places, it makes you happy in classy and classy places. Capricorn (mountain goat) enjoys high and scenic places. In a stylish restaurant with a view of your friends to eat food will improve your spirits. As a sport, you should prefer more social sports such as tennis.

Capricorn signs love to invest in stock exchanges and hobbies. They follow their financial investments from the internet and the internet and constantly investigate these issues. Some of you are stuck with old money, stamps and other collections.

As you enjoy history as Capricorn, you can watch the Discovery channel and relax by going to museums. You may have an antique curiosity, even if you don’t buy anything, you can have a good time among the valuable objects in auctions. Don’t think you’re gonna suddenly loosen up, this might take some time.

Most of the sons are very attached to their parents. If this is the case for you and your mother and your mother to spend time with you feel good.

Watch a funny movie that is old or new, come together with your witty friends. You’ll see that you have no problem leaving laughter.

Capricorn Communication is not easy

Capricorn it’s not easy to communicate with. This is a cold-looking but sweet sign, the director of Saturn. Saturn teaches us to be persistent because it moves very slowly. In short, Capricorn enjoys being a little bit of a tutorial. No one wants to be a lover with a primary school teacher. Any conversation with Capricorn can turn into an education. Maybe you can enjoy it at first because you feel your horizons are expanding, but in time you will be hurt to see someone who doesn’t listen to you. Try to learn new things with Capricorn signs. You can talk about what you’ve learned together. New movies, new discoveries, new recruits… … so there won’t be anyone in front of you to make you feel like you’re not listening!

People who never forget the goodness

People who are rational, patient, patient, skeptical, who can examine things well, who can do things without telling anyone they want, who can be satisfied with very little to achieve their goals, who can never trust anyone, and who never forget the evil and goodness that is done. Cold, distant but also extremely elegant. With a high sense of responsibility, they have the power to take their fall to the end. They often feel lonely and insecure. Perfectionist structure also manifests itself in love. They are loyal to the end of their lives when they find an ES that has the ideal qualities. The rising Capricorn, whose judicial values are very important, judges themselves and others with the same values and expects the same perfection from the others. They’re a working-class lover. Love and communication constantly test their attempts and subconsciously thinks that they are not always loved. As they age, they almost dominate over time and challenge to recline. They show their superiority, success in every profession and every branch. They’re very loyal to their homes. They are the only power in the family. They are conservative, avoid unnecessary expenses. They don’t like the show very much, they know what they want, they’re responsible and shy. They don’t become friends with people around them. First, they examine, then they accept friendship.

A few reasons that make the attractive

  •  Always succeed in staying young
  • Capricorn gets better as they age
  • Strong appeal and hidden lust behind the cold image
  • Age does not stand on board
  • Loyalty, kadirşinaslığı, lovers do not leave half way
  • To glorify his man, to fight to bring him to a respectable place
  • When it’s time to put it under all the load
  • Consistency
  • Natural manners, kindness, seriousness, and honesty
  • Moderation
  • To be able to adjust oneself according to the environment, person, situation
  • Simple elegance
  • Smooth bone structure
  • Natural beauty without makeup

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