Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Features

Keyword: Feel

Password: I should find and give emotional closeness and confidence.

Principle: Feeding Positive practice: Interest Negative practice: Insecurity

Features: Emotional, sensitive, soft, gentle, intuitive, vulnerable, insightful, rootstock, protective, nurturing, related, shy, nationalist, past, unsafe, feisty, variable mood, dependent, introverted, timid, skeptic, delusional, worried.

Cancer is the water element and pioneer quality. Water element gives sensation and sensation ability. He has a strong sense of compassion and compassion. Because of the deep inner world, life is more affected by the ups and downs of many people; the joy of pain, the pain can feel more intense than any person can suffer. The forerunner attribute forces him to act. Despite its soft appearance, it carries all the characteristics of the pioneering group with the same power. It is the most cunning way of expressing your ambitions among the leading signs.

The director of the Cancer is one of the fastest moving celestial bodies in the sky. Crabs are very affected by the moon’s movements, new moon, and full moon. The energy of the Moon often changes the emotions of the crab, even if the moon’s energy leads to the sea. The crab man has a complex structure and it is not easy to understand him in his rapidly changing mood. When he is in good mood, he can be suddenly surly and grumpy when he is lively and cheerful. When she wears something in her head, she becomes melancholic, she turns inside and stays away from everyone.

cancer features
cancer features

You can only manage crabs with love. If you try to do something, you can do the opposite. He is diligent and cautious. Money means security and knows how to make money and keep it. He collects a large number of his earnings, he is never wasteful. As the crab is very delusional, he is afraid of the future and tries to secure himself and his family in all respects. Despite its soft and sensitive structure, it can be very brave and visible when it needs to protect its loved ones.

He is very devoted to his loved ones but especially to his mother. The crab represents the mother, the love of the motherland and the nesting. He is very attached to his family, home and children. Crab wants a wife who understands and is connected to the house. A little too protective, but very good parent. The house is the most peaceful place; The same house as a crab is its castle. The warm, safe and loving family atmosphere is very happy.

Past is very important to him, somehow cannot break from the past; You can stay connected to your roots forever. Crab people do not forget the good, bad, never. It responds when the opportunity is found. It is quite feisty, can never come to criticism and very quick. The memory is very strong. When he is broken into something, he can carry this resentment for years without ever revealing to him. It can also be very jealous.

A crab is a person of extreme emotional, extreme sensitivity and shyness. She tries to hide her deep emotions under her hard shell. If the twins are bound by how they thought to the world, the crab is also bound by emotions. He is kind, loving and protective. When it is broken, disturbed or does not want to talk about its feelings, it is stored in its shell like a crab. Good-minded, thoughtful behavior affects him very much and he is very afraid to be criticized and ridiculed. Because of its loyalty and loyalty, some conditions can be folded for much longer than necessary.

His sensitivity is not only against people. The superiority of detection makes it an easily affected one in all its surroundings. He can perceive what his immediate surroundings want without telling them. The digestive system can easily deteriorate, as it often expands everything and puts its troubles inside. As for his place, he must learn to say no, to control his timidity and excessive sentimentality.

Crab people, water and liquid-related issues are successful. Maritime, fishing is for him. She is also very compassionate, so she can be successful in doctorate and nursing. Since the crab represents the stomach, good cooks come out of this sign. Because it gives importance to money, it can be successful in the finance sector and trade.

Cancer Health and Sports

Your Executive Planet: The Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which represents sentimentality and compassion. The moon also represents feeding and feeding others.
Body in your body: Cancer Cancer and breasts in women.
Your metabolism: Slow
Your most important feature: Your sixth sense. Let your instincts choose the healthiest fitness or exercise for you.
The thing that upsets you: when you are sporting someone is dividing you, distracting you.
Your error about your health: You are so interested in others that you do not look at yourself. And you have a tendency to regret the past. You must concentrate on the future and forget about the past. For example, you can be overweight as a child, but now you can recreate yourself.

Crabs are in constant concern and are most affected by their sensitive stomachs. Try not to eat anything while you are in emotional turbulence. Some crabs morale breaks down when they look for consolation at dinner some of them cannot eat. It is best if you are in the middle of such situations. Don’t give yourself a full meal, or leave yourself to starvation.

moon değişen is the manager of the crab which causes frequent changing emotional states of a human. You are very sensitive to the moon’s changing position. Do not take yourself and others around you, especially during the full moon times, try to relax. Do not ignore vitamins and foods that contain vitamin B to help you cope with stress.

cancer health
cancer health

Crab people have a sensitive structure. If you feel well as a result of a sport or exercise, you will continue to do so. Because you are a water element, you will enjoy water sports and water. The water has a strong calming effect on you. Swim, run on the beach, surf, sail, shovel, do whatever you can about water. Excessively exhausting, heavy exercises are not for you. You especially enjoy the rhythmic flow and enjoy regular sports.

The crab is the “feeding” and “saturating’ sign of the zodiac. Tasting the wonderful dishes you prepare for your loved ones can even cause you to get fat. You don’t need to give up the cooking that you are very good at and enjoy. You can make light, fewer calorie dishes.

Especially crab women should pay attention to the amount of salt they take. Your body can hold more water. This may cause discomfort to you before the period. You should have a mammogram every year after 40 years of age. Watch your eating habits.

The crab women and men have bright, clear skins and show them younger than they are. Likewise, this delicate skin can be damaged by the sun, and even if you live in a cold country, don’t forget to use your sun-moisturizer with sunscreen.

Cancer Money and Wealth

Dear Crab 2. The money is managed by the sun giving your home life and power. The sun will help you find ways to make money. As a water element, your instinct and intuition are strong and you can feel the fluctuations in the economy before anyone else. At first, glance, if you look like someone who is easily deceived, you are just the opposite. When necessary, you can make the most difficult decisions about business and money. You save money for your children, your family’s safety and education, and you have money for this purpose. You also guarantee yourself when you think about others.

Many crabs are profitable interests by investing in the non-real estate. It is very important to have a home for Cancer. You’re generally very active. You think shopping from stores is wasteful. You follow the discounts and try to buy the products wholesale. Your accumulated account in the bank is an indication that all of your efforts are not wasted. Sometimes you can get something unnecessary, just because of the discount.

You store food in your house. You like to use your clothes for years. Some of you think you’re stingy, but you’re investing in your old age. Crabs want to put their money in the bank, not on them! They know their accounts in the bank, pennies of interest, and increase their money by calculating better than bankers. (This is true if your banker is not Taurus, Capricorn or Scorpio.) Smart Crab, you’ll be the last laugh! Others are envied your long-term plans. You can earn a lot of money by investing in things of historical value and dealing with antiquity.

You can withstand some conditions more than necessary. You can waste your energy unnecessarily because of your loyalty. You have to think about yourself and learn to take action before it’s too late. You should consider how to increase your income.

Like the Scorpio, Crab has a memory like an elephant. You always know how much money you spend on what you’re spending, and no one can stake you.

Cancer Gift Selection

Woman With Crab

The emotional crab woman will love her in a poetry book. Even better, if you write a poem or copy it with a fountain pen on a scrolling paper, it will keep it for the rest of your life. The pearl and silver are governed by this horoscope, and they both stand wonderfully on its delicate and transparent skin. If you are going to buy pearls, you should get the highest quality natural pearls.

If you plan to take a night, you should take a silk or satin nightgown with pearly white or silver gray lace trim. You can make an appointment for the best quality beauty salon or barber, makeup and hairstyles for her.

You can ship house and garden plants with white roses, gardenias or white flowers. The people of the crab are famous and cook great food. For the cuisine, you will enjoy the elegant pots and pans like the suit, steak knife, wooden salad set, wok china pan, espresso-cappuccino coffee machine, teapot set. You can get a quality bedding set or American service that is compatible with the colors of your house. The woman of the crab is very romantic; Silver or glass candlesticks. You can enjoy almost all kinds of handmade things.

Male Crab

You can present your black and white photograph taken from a professional photographer to a crab man in a silver frame. The photo album will also like it, the Cancer man is much more emotional than you might think.

If you can find an old sailboat picture for the study room, you can frame it. Many crabs like cooking; Get a cookbook with illustrations and easy recipes. Find courses that teach French or Chinese food and you will love it. You can gift a new coffee machine, mini-oven, American dishes, and a set of pots and pans. You can send your own stuff like cake, cake.

Crab is the housewife; If you buy a satellite dish subscription, you will be very happy at home with hundreds of channels to watch. Silver is the metal of Cancer; You can get her a silver or silver plated key chain. Crab man likes to save money, you can even give him treasure bills. Don’t think that this is a tedious gift, your thoughtfulness, and your nationalism will have a big impact on it.

Cancer Elimination of stress

When Cancer has a problem, it draws into its shell and doesn’t tell anyone about it. This is the defense mechanism of the Crab, your family and friends should be used to this situation. Water bushings need to be left alone, especially in their troubled times. Do not ignore this need. Nevertheless, you should not be isolated from your loved ones for a long time because you need compassion and attention in difficult times. Even if you can’t say your problem, you should be near the person you love and trust, and you should be able to see the attention you need.

The way in which the crab sign recalling the events with all their details cannot break away from its past and causes it not to adapt to the future. Even if you make little mistakes on your own, you eat yourself inside. This feature keeps you behind. You have to give up and torture yourself in this way.

You react emotionally late to the events. The crab sign remains stuck in old events, even if the situation changes. He cannot step forward from the fear and the fear of making mistakes. You can make a mistake with success. Life is a creative act, there will be wasted labor. This is not to stop your progress.

cancer happy
cancer happy

Your secret weapon is your deep instincts. You can use your intuition to find solutions to your problems, they will show you the right way. Listen to your voice, no matter what your logic may say to you. Listen to your intuition if you are between logic and intuition. If you don’t immediately see the result, you will find that you can trust your instincts. Your leading qualification will help you deal with changes more easily and explore different possibilities.

The crab can calm down by leaning in the sea or by sailing. If you want to get one with you, you should choose a fish or a practicing Capricorn. He should never criticize you or break you. If you two have a picnic in a quiet, quiet place, your mood will improve.

At the beginning of your troubles; for example, when you hear that your boss is not happy with you or your girlfriend/boyfriend likes someone else, your stomach may not accept any food when your child starts to get bad grades. In such cases, you can eat your favorite dishes as a child, such as rice pudding, custard, mash, banana, until your appetite is fulfilled. Then you can continue with other meals as you feel good.

Cooking is one of your favorite things because even if you do not want to cook in your kitchen and cook for your family. This will relax and calm you. You will enjoy every stage of cooking. First, you choose the fresh ingredients you want from the market or the market, create it in the kitchen and finally bring your family and friends together and make a feast for them.

You can play with the children and take your stress. After spending two hours with a tiny baby, you forget all your problems. You start laughing and singing. Go to the circus with a six-year-old boy and you will have no stress. You have a good time because you can communicate with older children comfortably. While some find peace in animals, the crab finds it in children.

You can change the places of your home when your mood deteriorates because the environment in your home is very affected. Get a new pillow on your couch, a new pot on your wall for a picture or cooking. Imagine how you can renew your kitchen, your bathroom. Imagining what you want will make you productive. Go to the boat fair with your friend and imagine you are getting your own boat. Imagine what you really want to do, see yourself in that environment and bring it to your eye with all the details. The most effective method for a creative horoscope like you is to dream.

Cancer Ideal Holiday


Sensitive crab people are most happy to have a holiday near the water. Most of the winding signs do not want to get away from their homes. Near their homes, the sea, lake edges are ideal holiday destinations for them. Small hotels instead of large luxury hotels, the bungalows in which the cuisine is in contact with crab people who love the calm. On holiday, he would be very happy if he could cook with vegetables and spices from the local market. The more he feels at home, the more comfortable he gets. Frivolous Crab doesn’t like to spend much money and wants to go on vacation with expensive tours.

cancer holiday
cancer holiday

The family of Cancer will be excited to go to the places where their grandparents were born and explore their roots. Likewise, he will enjoy visiting the regions where religions such as Mecca, Jerusalem, and Tibet are born or where religious places such as Cappadocia and Rome are located.

The emotional crab will remember his travels even after many years. Although Gemini, Aquarius or Sagittarius are usually traveling alone, Crab always wants to be with someone and it is very valuable for him when he spends his holiday with him. It’s important what a crab feels for what he does on holiday or what he gets too.


Chat with Cancer

you should watch your tone when you talk to these sweet, naive people

Is there any other kind of sweet, naive, sympathetic sign like a Cancer? You should watch your tone when you talk to these sweet, naive people. First of all, you must speak calmly without shouting. I don’t think you have the right to scare them. If you always speak in a quiet tone, you will see that you are the winner! Cancer doesn’t like deep issues, deep issues can worry them. They don’t like to talk about the agenda, the agenda can be dangerous to them. Cancer is naive people, they like to talk about emotions. Tell them about feelings, feelings, experiences. You’il see how he’s interested! They are extremely sensitive and sensitive: they have a protective and maternal image. They are capable of feeling the needs of others and are ready to help without compensation.

 Sometimes prefer to hide in the shell

They can’t stand anybody being hungry and open. They are extremely loyal to their home and family. They feel safe in their home and find peace. They can spend quite a lot of money if they give the opportunity to design the place according to their tastes. They don’t like to explain their feelings, although they talk a lot and talk a lot about themselves. Just like a crab, they don’t want to get out of the protective shell and sometimes prefer to hide in the shell. People who are frugal and fond of their goods. They’re trying to make money. Are an industrious people. They’re very uncomfortable without being hurt, so they’re afraid to hurt others. Their dreams are very strong, they come to feel for them before they think about it. In general, people are frozen out. They expect their personalities to be on the agenda by others. Friendship is an important part of their law. Because their dreams and emotions are rich, they are self-sufficient. His approach to events is direct. If he wants something too much, he chooses ways to get it, and he will surely succeed. Because this issue has been channeled to the whole self.

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