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  • What Is Text and Voice Translation Feature /How Can I Use It?
  • How Do I Take A Photo?
  • What Is The Gift Feature And How Can I Use It?
  • How Can I Change My Location?
  • How Do I Meet New People On Azar?

  • Why do I use ‘Azar’?
  • How To Unlock All Counties In Azar Video Chat?
  • What Are ‘Video Effects’ And How Can I Check And Get New Ones?

Azar Random Video Chat

Azar interest feature

How Do I Meet New People On Azar?

People in the world are in communication from their existence to this day. In this case, new techniques, new methods have been developed for the needs of the ages. The fact that the internet has entered our lives has become so great that when we woke up one morning, we became acquainted with a new method of communication. One of them is “Azar” video chat application.

In the internet world, there are thousands of web-based sites and applications built for social media, other chat or meeting purposes. Omegle, Camsurf, Ometv, Tinychat, Chatspin, Shagle and other random chat applications have become popular by people with different characteristics, meeting new people, getting rid of the stress of the day, and communicating with cultures from different countries.

Best of Video Chat : Azar

Why do I use ‘Azar’?

Azar is a random video chat application that has reached millions of users since its launch and has recently achieved full attention. A brand new service that gathers users from all over the world in one application. It allows people to chat online. It allows people to look for or match people they like. There are users in more than 200 countries around the world. Azar has been downloaded 110 million times by its users. When you read these lines, you have reached more than 48 billion matches. Besides, App Store and Google Play are among the most downloaded applications in 150 countries.

Azar Matches

What are the features of Azar?


Most applications in the world have gained their appreciation by offering different features. Each application has its own unique feature. These features determine how often applications are used by people. Undoubtedly one of the greatest features is the quality and reliability of the service provided. People want to make sure they’re chatting with the right users. Of course, the service provided must be continuous and continuous. Let’s take a look at the features of Azar one by one

Features distinguishing Azar chat from other applications

1.Text and Voice Translation

What Is Text and Voice Translation Feature /How Can I Use It on Azar?

With the Azar application and Azar-web voice and text translation feature, it helps you communicate in 20 languages. Thus, you will have the opportunity to meet people with certain languages all over the world.

How to use the text translation feature on Azar ?
  • To use text translation, follow “[…] – setting – translation” and make it clear
  • Click the   azar write translate icon on the instant messaging screen
  • Click the icon. So everything you write will be transmitted in the language spoken to the other party.
How to use the Voice Translation Feature in Azar?
azar voice translation
Azar Voice Translation

Unlike text translation, when you click on the cursor shown in the picture during a video conversation, your speech will be transferred to the opposite side in the language she speaks.

2.Friend List

Azar works through the “Match System” as it is known that when you run the application, the mapping takes place with the people liking each other in the criteria you already set. After the match, you will be able to register these people in your friend list and then have the opportunity to talk and send messages to you later on in your login.

add friend
  • You can add it to your “friends list” by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner at the time of the match,
  • In past matches, you can add to your friend list and send messages.
  • Add and send messages to your friend list in past matches.
  • Synchronization with all your friends on Facebook. So you can add your friends to your friend’s list with Facebook
    Use the Azar ID number with the Add new friend option. This option will help you reach all Azar users.
add friend for azar

3. Interest feature

Azar interest feature
What Is The Interest Feature /How Can I Use It?

The whole world has entered our lives on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Chatous is a feature that chat applications such as the Groop App provide for this purpose. Özellik Interest feature tire Azar allows people to chat on a specific topic in a random chat application. The subject is “# …….”. And it makes it easy for people to have an idea or chat on issues that start in this way

4. Azar Matches

How to Match on Azar

After logging in to Azar, you need to scroll the screen to the left to meet people on the home screen. If you encounter a person you like, you must like that person. So that the pairing process is completed. You can start talking with your friend and add them as a friend

Azar Matches

5. Instagram Feature

azar -Instagram integrate
What Is The Instagram Feature / How Can I Use It?

By sequencing your Instagram account with “Instagram feature”, you can help you share your photos and videos with your friends by reducing the clutter of your Instagram profile.

You can integrate your Instagram account by clicking “Connect” /  “settings” / “connect to Instagram”.
If you want to disable this connection, follow the options above to disable this feature with Connect to Instagram

6.Gender and Region feature

How Do I Set My Gender and Region?

With this feature, you can preset the “Gender and Region” of the person you want to chat with. It is easier for you to meet any user from your country of interest.


7.”Gem Box” Gift Feature

Gem box on azar random chat

The “Gem Box” feature is used in the application in the form of virtual currency. With this feature, you can make Region and gender preferences, add friends from the history tab and make extra video calls.

You can use the “buy” option to access this feature. You can also win using the “thumbs-ups” feature. You can open valuable stone boxes with 25 special precious stones for each box. You can get a chance to win up to 999 pieces of precious stones.

Advantages of Azar compared to other applications

Among the video chat applications, people from all over the world make Azar more advantageous. Most websites such as Omegle, Camsurf, Ometv, Tinychat, Chatspin, Shagle, Yuyyu TV on the internet offer mutual video chat. Each has different advantages than the other. Let’s take a look at the advantages of Azar from these web-based sites

1.Video Effect

Azar video effect
What Are ‘Video Effects’ And How Can I Check And Get New Ones?

Chats are more fun thanks to Filter, Frame, Costumes, and stickers included in the application

2. Azar Application is Free

You can download Azar app free of charge from the App Store and Google Play stores at no cost, and you can also use the Web-based application by visiting Azar- Web site.

3. Night Mod ( Only on Web)

Night Mod

In most applications, the “Night Mode” feature is used in Azar-web. Although this feature seems very simple, it is very useful . It has a relaxing effect when chatting.

4.Blocking Friends

With this feature, users can prevent unwanted people from contacting them. In this way, harassment and harassment can be avoided easily.


How to unblock azar account unsuspend unbanned azar account ?

Azar VIP membership

The application can be used and downloaded free of charge, but the application can also be used with the VIP membership system. VIP membership system offers many advantages to users.

  • You Can Change The Location

  • Unlimited Zone Preference

  • Changing The User Name

  • Rear Camera

  • VIP badge

  • Ad-Free Chat

Azar best video chat – The best omegle alternative random chat sites,

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Azar quick review

Number of Users2.500.000
Countries of UseUS/Turkey/UK/Greece/Argentina/Germany/İndonesia
Group ChatYes
RemunerationPaid Services Available
Anonymous ChatYes
Filter OptionYes

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