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Aquarius Features

Keyword: Being different

Password: I must be innovative, original and provide social change.

Principle: Change Positive practice: Originality Negative practice: Rebellion

Characteristics: reformer, self-improving, advancing, free thoughtful, humane, democrat, universal, benevolent, tolerant, open-minded, social, extroverted, independent, original, bohemian, unusual, innovative, revolutionary, insightful, rationalist, inventor, fast, bright , scientific, irregular, rebellious, undisciplined, fanatical, unconvincing, pale, inconsiderate, bizarre, incoherent, indifferent, indifferent.

The bucket man has the characteristics of air element and constant character. The ruling planet is Uranus, a free-spirited man. Aquarius is intelligent, knowledgeable, independent and has the ability to save himself when he is in a difficult situation. The geniuses are the sign and the hottest ideas that nobody comes to think of it.

Aquarius takes pleasure in working for the benefit of society. It tries to improve the standard of living of humanity by combining intelligence and technology. It is about the future of society; to make the world a better place and to help people who are worse off. While Pisces wants to help people one by one, Aquarius generally wants to be useful to humanity as a whole.

aquarius features
aquarius features

Aquarius is quite idealistic. He thinks that all people should have the same opportunities regardless of their race, gender, religion and social situation. Aquarius is also a sign of brotherhood and friendship. It is the sign of the community, group, association and club that come together for the same purpose. It is the least prejudiced of all signs and makes friends with all kinds of people. It has an eccentric structure that is unclear what to do. It seeks specificity instead of status and brand. The most amazing types come out of Aquarius. Desires to be different from others.

Despite its modern appearance, it can be stubborn and hard-minded. He has progressive but radical ideas. The ideas do not change easily because they are fixed. The constant qualifications are manifested in the form of systematic studies, with regular scientific functioning and precise results. She is a man of kind and fond of freedom. It has a rebellious and rebellious nature.

Both very social and very individual. While he likes to act with groups, he never compromises his independence. Aquarius attaches great importance to friends and friendship may last a lifetime, but when their personal freedom is restricted, they can even cut off their closest relationships. Even though he loves his friends, he always leaves a distance, it is really hard to get close to him. He is able to draw an invisible line between others. Usually hides his personality.

In love, he calls his lover very friendly. The way to his heart goes through his mind, just like Gemini. He has no sensual passion. He can connect when his intellectual has found someone to share his interests with. Even if he loves you; is not jealous. When she gets married, she wants to be free enough to satisfy her passion and curiosity.

Aquarius is a talented person who enjoys philosophy, technology, science, and innovation. He can be very productive if he works in his own business. He can direct other people with his sharp wit and brilliant ideas. It can create revolutions. Tradition and habits are not good. Retention of social rules and old customs do not bind him much. He wants to destroy systems and patterns that have lost their validity and bring a new order. If he did not take any other effects, he lived for the future, not for the past. Can achieve success in every field of science. Can deal with natural sciences, technology, and politics. High technology, computer, Internet, space science, astrology, such as areas according to him.

Aquarius Health and Sports

Your Planet: Aquarius is managed by Uranus, the planet of innovations and inventions full of surprises.

Body in your body: Circulatory system and ankles.

Your metabolism: Fast.

Your most important feature: You are always far ahead of your community. Everyone will start doing what you are doing at least three years later.

What Causes You: Routine. No matter what time you want to do something you want to do. This applies to food, exercise. You hate to live within the program. Since you are interested in monotoning activities, you should do something different.

Error about your health: You sit still on your computer all day. Do not forget to exercise by losing yourself in the work you do.

Aquarius is extremely intellectual and intelligent. When he lives inside his head he completely forgets his physical body and he is very surprised when he has discomfort. You can feel better if you support your wrists with bandages while doing this type of activities. Because your circulatory system is sensitive, it is better to keep yourself warm while you are doing sports.

Sitting at a computer can expand your buttocks, you should exercise continuously. You can find information about health here because you are on the Internet. You are interested in electronic equipment, exercise video cassettes, you can do the exercise you want at the time you want. Since you are tired of doing the same things, it is better to buy a different set of cassettes.

aquarius health
aquarius health

Even if you concentrate hard, you can lose yourself in the work you do and forget to eat regularly. You’re in the way of snacks, and you don’t pay attention to what you eat. You have to plan ahead. Because you like different and exotic things, you may like the fruits imported from tropical places, you can snack on this type of fruit instead of junk food.

You are always interested in new trends. You also follow new trends in diet, nutrition, and exercise. Use your common sense and approach with the suspicion of the final miracle diet and weight loss pills.

Aquarius is a social sign, you are happier when you are with other people. Being with others gives you energy. If you have a group of friends with sports you can keep form while having fun.

Aquarius Money and Wealth

Dear Aquarius, you are not very materialistic, and you don’t have excessive expenses. You excite the ideas from the matter, but you have a weakness in hi-tech electronic equipment. You should ask yourself if you really need a stereo, a digital video camera, or a second computer. Don’t ever stop if you need it. Most of the buckets have sufficient knowledge of emerging technologies.

With the influence of your manager Uranus, you can overdo the money issues. You could save money for months and then suddenly spend all your money for a single thing with a sudden impulse. This may be a habit you cannot change. You want to be helpful and helpful to the community. When you find the right purpose, you can donate a large amount of money to help people.

The best way to make money for you is through innovations and new ideas. You must patent your ideas, ideas, and start a new product or service. The consumer market is constantly changing and new trends, new products are beginning to be used. In all signs, this quick change can keep up with the best Aquarius sign. You know best what is needed especially in the computer, internet, biotechnology, and other high technology areas. By using this information, you can earn long-term profits by investing in stocks related to these areas.

aquarius money
aquarius money

You can be very wealthy because your astrological sign is highly skilled in advanced technology innovation and inventions. If you are rich, you should contribute to charity. Aquarius is a sign that believes in brotherhood and social justice and is ready to help those in difficult situations. You can be successful in group work and community projects. You’re a bastion that doesn’t care about money like Pisces. You do good things because you don’t think about your own interests and want to do the right thing. Aquarius tries to make the world live in better conditions for all humanity.

As Aquarius, you are very fond of your independence and you do not want anyone to tell you what to do. With this attitude, you take full responsibility for everything you do and you can’t blame yourself but yourself when things don’t work. You do not have to know and do everything yourself, you should not hesitate to ask others’ opinion about things you do not know.

Aquarius Gift Selection

Bucket Woman

The Aquarius woman is extremely modern and loves electric tools such as the Aquarius man. You can get him a CD player or digital video camera.

Aquarius is the director of astrology. You can get him books on astrology or get a map of the stars. Aquarius also manages friendship, a silver picture frame that you put together your pictures will be a good gift. You can get a nice calendar where your friends can mark birthdays.

You can choose a crystal pendant. If you are going to buy clothes, you should choose the latest ones. The most auspicious colors are indigo blue, fuchsia, lead gray. You can give her an aromatherapy massage in a beauty salon.

Male of Aquarius

The Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the ruler of the future, the electric planet. New technologies and all things electrically thrilled. The more new, the better. Rejuvenate it with a laptop or electric massager. If you have enough money, you can buy a satellite dish subscription.

You can choose a speaker for a new computer game, software or computer. You can make a videotape or DVD gift on telescope or science fiction theme for watching stars. You can get books on science fiction or new social trends of the era. Wander through the shops selling electronic items to get her presents.

Elimination of stress

Dear Aquarius, you hide your feelings so well that when you’re worried, so few can feel it. You’ll have stressful periods like everyone else, but you don’t reflect it out. Your approach to life is very objective and logical. You’re successful because you’re not too emotional. Sometimes you just fool yourself and convince yourself that it doesn’t matter to you. You should listen to the emotions of your emotions before taking the job and take precautions.

When you’re in trouble because you’re an air element, the best thing you can do is get together with your friends. As an Aquarius, you are extremely democrat and you do not like the show. Meeting with your friends, meeting in a friendly place, drinking something will fix your spirits.

Because you have a fixed quality, you can get yourself into your business too much, and you should take some time for fun. You can organize a party where you can invite everyone. You hate formal and instant programs are more suitable for you. As air signs, you want to be in constant contact with other people and hear their different ideas. Everyone gets their minds, but you’re not sure what you know. Sometimes you can distribute socially and forget what you need to do. Because your constellation represents the future because you have a fixed character, you are adapting to changes.

When your morale is broken, you can get bored by your close relatives like your spouse or girlfriend. You must still believe that you love the person you love, but only if you want to be alone or with your friends. Aquarius may occasionally be indifferent and spend most of his time outside with his friends without telling him what happened. This will complicate your relationship. Even if your lover or spouse has nothing to do with you, you may think that the problem in itself. Aquarius is very charismatic and the leader of the environment. While they are so concerned about the surroundings, they can often ignore their closest relatives. If you are a little more interested in your home and family, you may feel much better.

Your manager Uranus is the planet of change and creativity. In order to achieve success, you need to put your cold and creative ideas into order.

You are interested in electronic products and new technology. You can browse the stores that sell electronics. It will give you morale to look and dream even if you don’t have the money. It will be good to see the new sets of music, video cameras, and digital TVs. You can get yourself a computer program or a game. You can browse the chat rooms on the internet. If you have a computer fair, don’t miss it, you can feel better than before.

Aquarius Ideal Holiday


An ordinary touristic holiday will incite an adventurous and independent spirit of Aquarius. A curious Aquarius man will want to go to Kennedy space center, dive in the Red Sea or Çanakkale. Kids Buckets will have a lot of fun in Disney World, Epcot Center or Holiday. Aquarius also wants to experience new experiences such as Gemini.

The intellectual Aquarius, who is interested in world cultures, social structures of societies, should go to places like Russia, China, Hong Kong or Berlin where there are great social changes.

Aquarius cannot live without a computer, even when it is on holiday. If he has a laptop, he can be anywhere, or someone is checking his e-mail. Gets all information about the pre-holiday, travel, and destination from the internet, and will try to enter the internet wherever he goes.

aquarius holiday
aquarius holiday

Independent spirit people need open spaces. He will experience freedom and discovery in the wilderness of nature. Like Swiss Alps, Alaska, North Pole, Grand Canyon, Guatemala, Peru.

The fact that she and her friend are together at any moment could have a claustrophobic effect on Aquarius. Try to leave him alone once in a while. He can walk around the stores alone, take the stress out of sitting in the cafe on foot. Yet, since Aquarius is a social bastion, it will want to be with people and will not want to be alone for long.

Every minute scheduled tours are not for him. He prefers a holiday of his own. Because there is a breezy character, no trip should have strict rules or daily schedule. You should consider a holiday open to surprises and changes.


Aquarius are interesting

Aquarius are interesting signs. They’re too smart, or they’re too smart by mistake. When you look from a distance, you can see a self-confident, anxious person when you approach a hive, which is like a mountain, with its self-confidence. They might feel like you’re trying to crush them because they’re capable of misconceptions. So, besides talking, you should listen to them first, and you can start to tell yourself when the batteries are exhausted and calmed down. Aquarius is usually nationalist, patriotic signs. They are not open to new ideas, new ideas, because they are a bit of a fixed mind. At the point where you are blocked, you can enter the country history and make the atmosphere exhilarated. In the same way, they will listen to you about literature and history. No, if you say you don’t understand this, you can talk about electronics for hours.

Extremely humanistic and free

It symbolizes love, aid, country of genius and inventions. They have a sense of life that makes you feel like you live ahead of time. For the people of Aquarius who are extremely humanistic and free, molds do not mean much. Because they are masters in forming their own patterns. He would be happy doing things that are beneficial to humanity. Their understanding of love is extremely liberating and they don’t like to be restricted at all. Biç friends and friends who love and respect them have been formed around them. Acquiring treats meticulous about friends, honest, knowledgeable and self-confident people they choose their friends. They rest in their nest, they gain strength, they become happy. They behave with their logic, not with their emotions. They prefer rational work. They do everything they can to find the truth. He is passionate about his own and the independence of others. They are humble and kind. Their noble purpose is not to make money, but to contribute to new and useful production. They don’t have too much commitment to money, so they can easily spend it. They’re not sentimental, they’re not willing to be. They can criticize their loved ones too much. They see people they work with as a family. They are careful and careful in all kinds of danger.

A few reasons that make the attractive

  • Mood swings, original personality, attitudes similar to no one
  • Being away from extreme sentimentality, knowing to listen to the sound of logic
  • Easily seized
  • Elegant, intelligent, friendly, unobtrusive, intelligent,
  • Even if you are married for 50 years, always put a distance between you
  • Respect for your freedoms, your personality and your choices (even if you feel sad))
  • Selectivity, devotion to quality
  • Doubt avoids feelings like doubt ( because it thinks logically).)
  • Surprising, intriguing appearance (always matching to the age))
  • Modern views
  • Unique style. (if someone else wears the same outfit, he can’t carry it as well.)
  • Self-indulgence

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